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Create your own favorite Stroopwafel!

The Stroopwafel Flavor contest is back!

Earlier this year we held a stroopwafel flavor contest and we’re ready to repeat this fun competition! Our dear Barbara won with her ‘Strawberry Dream’. Cream cheese from Mother Culture and delicious Engel Farm strawberries. Her flavor was a special for an entire month and obviously she got to taste the first one for free. Another real good option was the ‘Banana Pecan’ stroopwafel, with Yegua Creek Farm pecans. Also this one had the honor to be the special for an entire month.

Eat local
We pride ourselves in working with our local colleagues. The vendors at the Farmers’ Markets and Sustainable Food Centre have beautiful, hand crafted, honest, delicious products. We want to support them and show our love and respect to their dedicated time, love and hard work, by creating new options with them and displaying their products on our channels. The only rule in the flavor contest is to enter with a flavor created with at least one of their local made products.

Last edition, we had one winner. However, as it’s the holiday season, we want to make everyone happy, so we’ll have you vote for three winners! Suggestions can be entered until November 24h. The voting will be done by (y)our fans and determine which three flavors will be the specials in December, starting Saturday December 3rd.
We have three categories. Enter in one, two, or heck, all three categories!

  • Sweet
    Let’s keep this a dessert. Make it something S’mores (yes, we even have marshmallow makers at the Lakeline market, with different flavors marshmallows), use fruits, sauces, jams, jellies, anything you feel would make the perfect dessert!
  • Gourmet
    We have one rule here: It has to be with a Belle Vie Farm product. We’ve been secretly looking at their beautiful products for months now. The terrines, pates, eggs, it’s all too good. We’ve wanted to create a special for ages, now we leave it up to you to make one! Look at their website for inspiration or visit us at the Texas Farmers’ Markets.
  • Carte Blanche
    This literally means carte blanche. Wanna add herbs to the dough itself? Other flavors to the syrup? Add things? Stack ‘m up? Anything is possible!


  • At least one local vendor per flavor should be involved. However, other products can also be added, as long as they’re natural and without any chemicals. Also vendors from both SFC and TFM can get involved ;
  • You may enter for one, two or all categories;
  • Enter as many times as you like;
  • You’re allowed to bribe your family and friends into voting for you;


  • Each categorie will have 1 winner, who will receive the first special officially and for free;
  • Every winner can name their Stroopwafel as they wish, give it your own name, your cat’s name, your inlaws’s…;
  • Eternal fame and gratitude;
  • In addition, each winner will receive a limited edition Stroopclub Coffee mug including a 10-pack Stroopclub Stroopwafels. The best way to enjoy stroopwafels! Wait, there’s more: A little special extra for the Gourmet Categorie, Belle Vie Farm will also deliver a little gift!


Just leave your suggestions either in the comments here at our website, at the social media posts or email them to We’ll collect all ideas and will create and post the list of flavors again as a poll November 24th. Then… The voting begins!

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