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And the winners of the stroopwafel flavor contest are…

Thank you for joining the stroopwafel flavor contest

Wow, we had so many reactions, thank you all so much for entering your favorite stroopwafel creations in our stroopwafel contest! We had listed three categories and you all entered fabulous combo’s in all three of them.


Let’s announce the winners

  • Category ‘Sweet’: Marshmallows, Nutella and Banana.
    Corine, congratulations! Up to you to name this beauty and collect one at the market this weekend, we have a special prize for you as well! And obvisouly, we’ll be using Murphy’s Marshmallows on this one, act local!
  • Category ‘ Belle Vie gourmet’: Belle Vie prosciutto with blue cheese and fig jam. OH MY GOODNESS… This sounds way too good to be true. Congrats to Leslie!!! Please come this Sunday to name your creation and pick up your prizes!
  • Category ‘Carte Blanche’: Chrissie! Thanx, most votes went to your Gingerbread Stroopwafel with apple or pear fillings…. Also sounds heavenly!

And you didn’t enter for nothing now did you? These are the prizes for every winner:

  • You get to name your creation, which will be the special the entire month;
  • You get to pick up the first one for FREE at the markets;
  • We have some more gifts in stock for you, so visit us this weekend!

December Full MENU
With three specials, we’ll change the regular menu a little bit. We won’t have lemon zest, peanut butter or coconut for the entire month. The December market menu will be the following:

  • The Belle Vie special (prosciutto, blue cheese, fig jam)
  • Ginger stroopwafels with apple filling
  • Marshmallow, banana and Nutella stroopwafel
  • Nutella and strawberry stroopwafel
  • Nutella stroopwafel
  • Salty Caramel
  • The Classic

Come and check us out at the Texas Farmers’ Markets, indulge, treat yourself and others!!

Lakeline: Every Saturday from 9am – 1pm
Mueller: Every Sunday from 10am – 2pm
(No markets at Christmas weekend)

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