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Visit our Stroopwafel Tea Party

The Tea party, but an enjoyable one. ūüėČ

Combo nation

Stroopwafels and coffee belong together, they're like shoes & laces, bbq & steaks, Austin & taco trucks or Trump & Putin (Did I actually type this?) You get the point, one is seriously worth less without the other.
They both strengthen each other, fire you up, get you going, or keep you going.

However... Tea and stroopwafels? That's an entirely different ball game.
The enjoyment is different. Slower. More intense. Complexer. Refined flavors. Relaxing. Rewarding.

Thank god Zhi Tea exists. Tea lovers amongst y'all will probably know where to find this place in Austin on Bolm Road off of Springdale. Otherwise, let our party introduce them to you. Tea Party? Yes, read further!


Did you know that matcha takes over the world? This bright colored green tea powder takes over our drinks, cakes and sweets. Because it's exotic, it has great health benefits and it's delicious.
Curious about the powder? Read its history and traditions here.

Cakes, lattes, muffins, pancakes even, matcha is everywhere. What nobody else in the whole wide world has ever thought of... Are Matcha Stroopwafels... But we did! Well actually, Kat did, she figured it would be delicious. Only we added white chocolate, to add a little soft touch to it. And that's how white chocolate matcha syrup got co-created. Great collaboration! Now, Zhi Tea is the only place in the entire world, carrying this signature stroopwafel. It's true, no alternative facts here.


Long story short, we're throwing a tea party together at Zhi Tea on March 25th and we invite all of you to come.
We'll demo stroopwafel baking and there's free Matcha Stroopwafel bites for everyone. No reason not to come!

What:   Stroopwafel Tea Party
When:  March 25th 2-4PM
Where: Zhi Tea, 4607 Bolm Road

Zhi you there!

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