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Wanna be part of the most delicious Club on the planet?
Time to get your Stroop Club Membership now!

Now is your chance to receive fresh, caramel-filled stroopwafels at your doorstep every month! No fuss, no leaving the house (!), not even a secret password (unless you want one…) We take care of everything. From major discounts, first access to Stroop Club news and quarterly club gadgets*, as a member you have access to ALL the perks.

Your personal Stroopwafel fix
We get it, you need your fix. This is it, this is how you get it. Subscribe and without the chance of running out, you’ll have your fix. Forever. Or just a year, or maybe even just a couple of months. Just, whenever and how long you want! Going for travels, springbreak or a well deserved sabbatical? Just stop for the time you’re not at home or have it sent to another address.
Your life is flexible? Ours is too, as flexible as stroop.

The perfect Gift
Want to surprise the stroopwafel lover in your life? Get them a gift subscription and score some major ‘stroopwafel points’! Perfect for upcoming birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because. It’s the affordable, original, delicious gift that keeps on giving. Share the love!

The necessary Office Snack
Everyone knows stroopwafels and coffee are a match made in caramel heaven. Spruce up your daily cup of joe at the office AND become your co-worker’s favorite person: join The Stroop Club and have us deliver the cookies straight to your office every month.

Your perks
Get up to 35% off by becoming a member now. The more you order, the more you save!

Stroop it up with one of these 3 monthly subscriptions:
– Stroop Lover: Monthly 1 10-pack: Save 10% $14
– Stroop Aficionado : Monthly 4 x 10-packs: Save 25% for $ 35.98 (+shipping)
– Stroop Addict: Monthly 8 x 10-packs: Save 35% for $ 54 (+shipping)

Real stroop-aficionados receive a quarterly exclusive Stroop Club gadget*;
Real Stroop Addicts receive quarterly exclusive Stroop Club gadgets, new flavors and first access to competitions, news and deals*;

Become a member now!

Terms & conditions

Orders are shipped in the first week of each calendar month.
Memberships can be cancelled at any time, with a minimum membership of two months.
“Starting after a minimum of three months.
Only without the US and Canada

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