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Treat your Mum with Chocolates!

Looking for an original Mothers’ Day gift?

Look no further!

What could possibly be better than a combo of chocolate and stroopwafels?
Nothing right? We all kinda need these cranberry chocolate bites, but Mums need this even more. And the deserve a special treat every day, but hey… We tend to celebrate them only once a year… 😉

This an ode to all mums in the world

Mums are
Always right | The most loving human beings ever | The hardest workers in the world | Having the least appreciated jobs ever | The best cooks | The most die-hard personal coaches and supportive mentors | True hero’s | True doctors | Life guidance counsellors

So, therefor, we’re working again with Dripping Springs Chocolate Company to deliver perfect, delicious, cute and original Mothers’ Day chocolates to you and your mum.

Available in our online store or at the Farmers’ markets the coming two weekends. And we’re working on Stroopwafel Cupcakes too! We’ll finish them at the market on the spot with beautiful fresh syrup frosting!

Visit us at Lakeline on Saturdays from 9am-1pm or at Mueller on Sundays from 10am-2pm.

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