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12 Dutch Islands you want to visit!

Yes, we have Islands!

You’d think of the Caribbean Islands, but did you know we have way more to offer?
We have tons of beautiful (little and some even artificial) islands to visit, pick one from the list below when you visit The Netherlands this summer. Don’t

1.Pampus: An artificial island constructed in the late 19th century in the IJmeer lake, close to Amsterdam. One of four forts commissioned as part of the Stelling van Amsterdam (Defence Line of Amsterdam), it had the capacity to accommodate 200 men but was only fully utilised during WWI.

2. The Wadden Islands Terschelling: With approximately 20,000 tourist beds, Terschelling is the largest and most visited Wadden Island. Experience untamed nature and long white beaches. In June, the island hosts the 10-day Oerol festival, the art and theatre performances taking place across the island.

3. Vlieland: Smaller, less densely populated than the neighbouring islands, yet only 90 minutes by ferry from Harlingen in Friesland.It offers serenity and nature, extensive cycle paths, and the promise of 20% more sunny days than the mainland. Finally you can get tanned!

4. Texel: Boasting 24kms of beaches and easy to reach via ferry from Den Helder, Texel is also famous for its lamb. All year, visitors can cycle around the island taking in the nature and stopping at one of the seven villages to refuel.

5. Ameland: Hosts a human population of around 3,500, an estimated 60 types of birds and many flora species. They tried to build a dyke in 1871 between the island and the mainland. The 8.7km dyke lacked durability and was destroyed by storms the following year, leaving remains that can be seen at low tide.

6. Schiermonnikoog: This island was turned into a national park in 1989. Voted the prettiest place in the Netherlands by the Dutch, Schiermonnikoog can be reached via ferry from Lauwersoog.

The Frisian Islands
7. Griend: This uninhabited small island, 12km south of Terschelling, has the largest colony of Sandwich terns (birds). In the Middle Ages a colony of monks also lived in the walled monastery on the island.

8. Rottumerplaat: Not accessible to ordinary humans.
Rottumerplaat is a zone restricted for the numerous bird species who live on the island and is the northernmost part of the Netherlands.

9. Rottumeroog: Uninhabited and under threat of disappearing due to changing sea currents.

10. Zuiderduintjes: A small island providing sanctuary to birds and seals, but inaccessible to humans.

11. Rif: With an area of less than 0.1 square kilometres, this bump in the water lies between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

12. Zeeland: Not officially ‘islands’ and the name for the entire province. It doesn’t touch any other part of the rest of Holland, it entirely borders Belgium and water! However, these beaches are always voted best and cleanest of the country and having Belgium nearby, means great beers and access to great food.

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