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Dutch King’s Day!

Dutch Kingsday Celebration 2018

You’ll never see the Dutch all together in orange, unless we’re winning as a national soccer team. (Which hasn’t happened for a while)…. or during our Dutch Kingsday!

Celebrate this Dutch National crazy festive holiday with us with traditional raw herring, tompoezen (like napoleon pastries, but in orange obviously), fresh stroopwafels, Dutch Music, a special release of the Austin-Dutch anthem and traditional clothes and games. We celebrate at Brentwood Social, which is a super family friendly place.

What: A true Dutch fest with traditional foods, games, music and clothing
Why: Because we celebrate our King’s Alexander’s birthday, who turns 51 today.
When: April 27, from 4-9PM
Where: Brentwood Social

Book your free(!!) tickets for Kingsday 2018 here.

IMPORTANT: Wear orange and receive happy hour pricing all night!

More celebrations: $1 stroopwafel at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf!
And what’s a Dutch Kingsday celebration without another promo?
We teamed up with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as their lovely barista came up with the delicious Red, White & Brew.
With the purchase of this delicious refreshing beverage, get a stroopwafel for just $1! This promo lasts the entire weekend, so drive up to the Coffee Bean at any location and get your 1$ stroopwafel fix!

Come celebrate with us!

Central Market, Yes!!!

Next step of the dream

Central Market will be in anyone’s top 3 if you ask a small business owner in consumer goods where they’d love to see their products on the shelves. Central Market stands for quality products, beautiful foods and care products and amazing partnerships with local, Texas businesses. And finally, luckily, since month and a half with us as well!

We’re proud to announce we’re supplying now with our very own stroopwafels.
The traditional and chocolate 5-packs, freshly baked for three locations so far. Extra fun for us, as the location in San Antonio is our first babystep out of Austin.
You can find our stroopwafels at the bakery section and at the coffee corner.

We’re super happy Central Market recognises our high quality and fun product.
5-Packs are good for sharing, perfect as a gift, but even more so suitable as (cheat) snack, not too much, not too little. 😉 And just saying, the cute 5-packs are perfect for gift baskets and gift packages in the holiday season too.

Go and grab some when you’re there for your weekend shopping or with your coffee to go in the cafe!

Here we are available:
Central Market North Lamar: 4001 N Lamar Blvd, Austin
Central Market Westgate: 4521 West Gate Blvd, Austin
Central Market San Antonio: 4821 Broadway St, San Antonio

We’re hoping to get to all other locations as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep supporting us by visiting the current stores and keep asking for our stroopwafels in the others. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as well, you don’t wanna miss our pop-ups for free hot freshly bakes stroopwafel samples!

And on our way again to the next step….

12 Dutch Islands you want to visit!

Yes, we have Islands!

You’d think of the Caribbean Islands, but did you know we have way more to offer?
We have tons of beautiful (little and some even artificial) islands to visit, pick one from the list below when you visit The Netherlands this summer. Don’t

1.Pampus: An artificial island constructed in the late 19th century in the IJmeer lake, close to Amsterdam. One of four forts commissioned as part of the Stelling van Amsterdam (Defence Line of Amsterdam), it had the capacity to accommodate 200 men but was only fully utilised during WWI.

2. The Wadden Islands Terschelling: With approximately 20,000 tourist beds, Terschelling is the largest and most visited Wadden Island. Experience untamed nature and long white beaches. In June, the island hosts the 10-day Oerol festival, the art and theatre performances taking place across the island.

3. Vlieland: Smaller, less densely populated than the neighbouring islands, yet only 90 minutes by ferry from Harlingen in Friesland.It offers serenity and nature, extensive cycle paths, and the promise of 20% more sunny days than the mainland. Finally you can get tanned!

4. Texel: Boasting 24kms of beaches and easy to reach via ferry from Den Helder, Texel is also famous for its lamb. All year, visitors can cycle around the island taking in the nature and stopping at one of the seven villages to refuel.

5. Ameland: Hosts a human population of around 3,500, an estimated 60 types of birds and many flora species. They tried to build a dyke in 1871 between the island and the mainland. The 8.7km dyke lacked durability and was destroyed by storms the following year, leaving remains that can be seen at low tide.

6. Schiermonnikoog: This island was turned into a national park in 1989. Voted the prettiest place in the Netherlands by the Dutch, Schiermonnikoog can be reached via ferry from Lauwersoog.

The Frisian Islands
7. Griend: This uninhabited small island, 12km south of Terschelling, has the largest colony of Sandwich terns (birds). In the Middle Ages a colony of monks also lived in the walled monastery on the island.

8. Rottumerplaat: Not accessible to ordinary humans.
Rottumerplaat is a zone restricted for the numerous bird species who live on the island and is the northernmost part of the Netherlands.

9. Rottumeroog: Uninhabited and under threat of disappearing due to changing sea currents.

10. Zuiderduintjes: A small island providing sanctuary to birds and seals, but inaccessible to humans.

11. Rif: With an area of less than 0.1 square kilometres, this bump in the water lies between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog.

12. Zeeland: Not officially ‘islands’ and the name for the entire province. It doesn’t touch any other part of the rest of Holland, it entirely borders Belgium and water! However, these beaches are always voted best and cleanest of the country and having Belgium nearby, means great beers and access to great food.

Read more at our source: DutchNews.nl: 11 Dutch islands where you can get away from it all http://www.dutchnews.nl/features/2015/07/11-dutch-islands-where-you-can-get-away-from-it-all/

Treat your Mum with Chocolates!

Looking for an original Mothers’ Day gift?

Look no further!

What could possibly be better than a combo of chocolate and stroopwafels?
Nothing right? We all kinda need these cranberry chocolate bites, but Mums need this even more. And the deserve a special treat every day, but hey… We tend to celebrate them only once a year… 😉

This an ode to all mums in the world

Mums are
Always right | The most loving human beings ever | The hardest workers in the world | Having the least appreciated jobs ever | The best cooks | The most die-hard personal coaches and supportive mentors | True hero’s | True doctors | Life guidance counsellors

So, therefor, we’re working again with Dripping Springs Chocolate Company to deliver perfect, delicious, cute and original Mothers’ Day chocolates to you and your mum.

Available in our online store or at the Farmers’ markets the coming two weekends. And we’re working on Stroopwafel Cupcakes too! We’ll finish them at the market on the spot with beautiful fresh syrup frosting!

Visit us at Lakeline on Saturdays from 9am-1pm or at Mueller on Sundays from 10am-2pm.

Become our Member!

Join our Club!

Wanna be part of the most delicious Club on the planet?
Time to get your Stroop Club Membership now!

Now is your chance to receive fresh, caramel-filled stroopwafels at your doorstep every month! No fuss, no leaving the house (!), not even a secret password (unless you want one…) We take care of everything. From major discounts, first access to Stroop Club news and quarterly club gadgets*, as a member you have access to ALL the perks.

Your personal Stroopwafel fix
We get it, you need your fix. This is it, this is how you get it. Subscribe and without the chance of running out, you’ll have your fix. Forever. Or just a year, or maybe even just a couple of months. Just, whenever and how long you want! Going for travels, springbreak or a well deserved sabbatical? Just stop for the time you’re not at home or have it sent to another address.
Your life is flexible? Ours is too, as flexible as stroop.

The perfect Gift
Want to surprise the stroopwafel lover in your life? Get them a gift subscription and score some major ‘stroopwafel points’! Perfect for upcoming birthdays, Mother’s Day or just because. It’s the affordable, original, delicious gift that keeps on giving. Share the love!

The necessary Office Snack
Everyone knows stroopwafels and coffee are a match made in caramel heaven. Spruce up your daily cup of joe at the office AND become your co-worker’s favorite person: join The Stroop Club and have us deliver the cookies straight to your office every month.

Your perks
Get up to 35% off by becoming a member now. The more you order, the more you save!

Stroop it up with one of these 3 monthly subscriptions:
– Stroop Lover: Monthly 1 10-pack: Save 10% $14
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– Stroop Addict: Monthly 8 x 10-packs: Save 35% for $ 54 (+shipping)

Real stroop-aficionados receive a quarterly exclusive Stroop Club gadget*;
Real Stroop Addicts receive quarterly exclusive Stroop Club gadgets, new flavors and first access to competitions, news and deals*;

Become a member now!

Terms & conditions

Orders are shipped in the first week of each calendar month.
Memberships can be cancelled at any time, with a minimum membership of two months.
“Starting after a minimum of three months.
Only without the US and Canada

Stroopwafels for Everybunny!

Everybunny Combo Easter offer

To celebrate Spring time AND everyone’s favorite bunny coming to town, we are having a special Everybunny Combo this Easter Weekend.

Euhm… Minions?
The closest Easter-related thing about us, considering the yellowness, is our mascotte, a little yellow fellow known as Kevin the Minion. (Whom we can’t bring to the market anymore as kids run away with him). Sorry, no rabbits, eggs or flowers, so we’ll stick to what we know and bring you hot stroopwafels at Lakeline and Mueller Farmer’s Market this weekend.
We don’t wanna let you go home empty handed though:
To add to all the fun, receive
$1 off a 10-pack or
– 50 cents off a 2-pack stroopwafels

with every fresh stroopwafel you devour. Have a fresh one to get your fix right there and then and take some home for everyone waiting and craving for them over there.

Share the Love
Share the love and bring home a pack of stroopwafels for everybunny to share. It’s a beautiful addition to the breakfast or brunch table, guaranteed. Or the coffee table. Or with dessert. Everybody will love you, instantly.

Texas Farmers’ Market
Come and visit us this weekend the markets. Share the fun, celebrate Easter with us and Kevin.
More info on Texas Farmers’ Market, click here
Texas Farmers’ Market at Lakeline
11200 Lakeline Mall Dr
Cedar Park, TX 78613
Saturday 9 AM – 1 PM

Texas Farmers’ Market at Mueller
4209 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78722
Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM

See you there and have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Visit our Stroopwafel Tea Party

The Tea party, but an enjoyable one. 😉

Combo nation

Stroopwafels and coffee belong together, they're like shoes & laces, bbq & steaks, Austin & taco trucks or Trump & Putin (Did I actually type this?) You get the point, one is seriously worth less without the other.
They both strengthen each other, fire you up, get you going, or keep you going.

However... Tea and stroopwafels? That's an entirely different ball game.
The enjoyment is different. Slower. More intense. Complexer. Refined flavors. Relaxing. Rewarding.

Thank god Zhi Tea exists. Tea lovers amongst y'all will probably know where to find this place in Austin on Bolm Road off of Springdale. Otherwise, let our party introduce them to you. Tea Party? Yes, read further!


Did you know that matcha takes over the world? This bright colored green tea powder takes over our drinks, cakes and sweets. Because it's exotic, it has great health benefits and it's delicious.
Curious about the powder? Read its history and traditions here.

Cakes, lattes, muffins, pancakes even, matcha is everywhere. What nobody else in the whole wide world has ever thought of... Are Matcha Stroopwafels... But we did! Well actually, Kat did, she figured it would be delicious. Only we added white chocolate, to add a little soft touch to it. And that's how white chocolate matcha syrup got co-created. Great collaboration! Now, Zhi Tea is the only place in the entire world, carrying this signature stroopwafel. It's true, no alternative facts here.


Long story short, we're throwing a tea party together at Zhi Tea on March 25th and we invite all of you to come.
We'll demo stroopwafel baking and there's free Matcha Stroopwafel bites for everyone. No reason not to come!

What:   Stroopwafel Tea Party
When:  March 25th 2-4PM
Where: Zhi Tea, 4607 Bolm Road

Zhi you there!

Farmers’ Market special: Picante Piña!

Spring is the air and on the Farmers’ market!

And for us, being Dutch, Texan spring already feels like mid summer! We want to share our summer vibes with all of you, hoping to spread this feeling of a continuous working holiday. Cos that’s what our stay here feels like. Kind of… Sometimes… When we’re not working our *ss off to bake all of your stroopwafels that is…

We’re going all the way now with a tropical, delicious, sweet and spicy new March Special:

The Picante Piña 

It’s fresh pineapple, lightly salted and baked with two kinds of spiciness. Ab-so-lute-ly devine!!
Spicy, sweet, salty, soft and tropical. And you can choose to top it off with unsweetened shaved organic coconut. Don’t miss out on this one!

Of course, this special is available only on the Texas Farmers’ Market. Visit us on Saturdays at Lakeline Mall between 9am-1p or on Sunday at Mueller between 10am-2pm. And while you’re there, we have our gift packages back in stock. Cute traditional Dutch cookie tins, perfect gift for anyone you love!

Don’t like pineapple? No worries, until it’s not Texan Summer, we’ll also keep the toasted S’mores Stroopwafel on the menu. We use Murphy’s Mellows for this heavenly and entertaining creation. And before I knew them, I couldn’t imagine ever starting to like marshmallows, but now I love them!
Bring them a visit at the markers too and you can find their products here.

Peanut butter, Nutella&Strawberries, Salty Caramel and Lemon Zest are our other options. Come over, bring your friends, colleagues, loved ones, even your in-laws and indulge!! 🙂 🙂

And the winners of the stroopwafel flavor contest are…

Thank you for joining the stroopwafel flavor contest

Wow, we had so many reactions, thank you all so much for entering your favorite stroopwafel creations in our stroopwafel contest! We had listed three categories and you all entered fabulous combo’s in all three of them.


Let’s announce the winners

  • Category ‘Sweet’: Marshmallows, Nutella and Banana.
    Corine, congratulations! Up to you to name this beauty and collect one at the market this weekend, we have a special prize for you as well! And obvisouly, we’ll be using Murphy’s Marshmallows on this one, act local!
  • Category ‘ Belle Vie gourmet’: Belle Vie prosciutto with blue cheese and fig jam. OH MY GOODNESS… This sounds way too good to be true. Congrats to Leslie!!! Please come this Sunday to name your creation and pick up your prizes!
  • Category ‘Carte Blanche’: Chrissie! Thanx, most votes went to your Gingerbread Stroopwafel with apple or pear fillings…. Also sounds heavenly!

And you didn’t enter for nothing now did you? These are the prizes for every winner:

  • You get to name your creation, which will be the special the entire month;
  • You get to pick up the first one for FREE at the markets;
  • We have some more gifts in stock for you, so visit us this weekend!

December Full MENU
With three specials, we’ll change the regular menu a little bit. We won’t have lemon zest, peanut butter or coconut for the entire month. The December market menu will be the following:

  • The Belle Vie special (prosciutto, blue cheese, fig jam)
  • Ginger stroopwafels with apple filling
  • Marshmallow, banana and Nutella stroopwafel
  • Nutella and strawberry stroopwafel
  • Nutella stroopwafel
  • Salty Caramel
  • The Classic

Come and check us out at the Texas Farmers’ Markets, indulge, treat yourself and others!!

Lakeline: Every Saturday from 9am – 1pm
Mueller: Every Sunday from 10am – 2pm
(No markets at Christmas weekend)

Create your own favorite Stroopwafel!

The Stroopwafel Flavor contest is back!

Earlier this year we held a stroopwafel flavor contest and we’re ready to repeat this fun competition! Our dear Barbara won with her ‘Strawberry Dream’. Cream cheese from Mother Culture and delicious Engel Farm strawberries. Her flavor was a special for an entire month and obviously she got to taste the first one for free. Another real good option was the ‘Banana Pecan’ stroopwafel, with Yegua Creek Farm pecans. Also this one had the honor to be the special for an entire month.

Eat local
We pride ourselves in working with our local colleagues. The vendors at the Farmers’ Markets and Sustainable Food Centre have beautiful, hand crafted, honest, delicious products. We want to support them and show our love and respect to their dedicated time, love and hard work, by creating new options with them and displaying their products on our channels. The only rule in the flavor contest is to enter with a flavor created with at least one of their local made products.

Last edition, we had one winner. However, as it’s the holiday season, we want to make everyone happy, so we’ll have you vote for three winners! Suggestions can be entered until November 24h. The voting will be done by (y)our fans and determine which three flavors will be the specials in December, starting Saturday December 3rd.
We have three categories. Enter in one, two, or heck, all three categories!

  • Sweet
    Let’s keep this a dessert. Make it something S’mores (yes, we even have marshmallow makers at the Lakeline market, with different flavors marshmallows), use fruits, sauces, jams, jellies, anything you feel would make the perfect dessert!
  • Gourmet
    We have one rule here: It has to be with a Belle Vie Farm product. We’ve been secretly looking at their beautiful products for months now. The terrines, pates, eggs, it’s all too good. We’ve wanted to create a special for ages, now we leave it up to you to make one! Look at their website for inspiration or visit us at the Texas Farmers’ Markets.
  • Carte Blanche
    This literally means carte blanche. Wanna add herbs to the dough itself? Other flavors to the syrup? Add things? Stack ‘m up? Anything is possible!


  • At least one local vendor per flavor should be involved. However, other products can also be added, as long as they’re natural and without any chemicals. Also vendors from both SFC and TFM can get involved ;
  • You may enter for one, two or all categories;
  • Enter as many times as you like;
  • You’re allowed to bribe your family and friends into voting for you;


  • Each categorie will have 1 winner, who will receive the first special officially and for free;
  • Every winner can name their Stroopwafel as they wish, give it your own name, your cat’s name, your inlaws’s…;
  • Eternal fame and gratitude;
  • In addition, each winner will receive a limited edition Stroopclub Coffee mug including a 10-pack Stroopclub Stroopwafels. The best way to enjoy stroopwafels! Wait, there’s more: A little special extra for the Gourmet Categorie, Belle Vie Farm will also deliver a little gift!


Just leave your suggestions either in the comments here at our website, at the social media posts or email them to eat@stroopclub.com. We’ll collect all ideas and will create and post the list of flavors again as a poll November 24th. Then… The voting begins!