15% Discount NOW on Limited Edition VARIETY stroopwafels 6x 2-pack (12 total)


Try all of flavors in one purchase!

In this limited edition we offer 2 packs of each:

- Traditional Caramel
- Chocolate Caramel
- Chai Caramel

Can never go wrong with these, but order fast before we're out!

15% discount is automatically generated after adding it to your shopping cart.

  • The price is for a box of 6 snack packs. Each snack pack contains 2 stroopwafels, so you'll get 12 of these delicious wafels.

  • Clean and sustainably sourced ingredients

  • Omni-degradable wrappers and recycled materials

  • Free shipping on orders over $50

  • We're convinced you'll love them, send us a message otherwise! (Or in any case we love hearing from you!)

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