Recipes with Stroop Club Stroopwafels

  • Stroopwafel S'Mores

    THIS IS THE BOMB, what a discovery.
    And the awesome part? You don’t really have to be a chef, pastry chef, baker or literally have to bake ANYTHING to create these bites of heaven. A winner for every party or just to indulge yourself. Some things you don’t have to share!
  • Simple stroopwafel granola with yogurt

    Why would a stroopwafel be a breakfast snack if you can’t make different breakfast plates with them?
    Some of you might make your own granola (which could be as easy as to bake rolled oats and shredded coconut with stroopwafel syrup poured over it, for 20 minutes mixing in some dried fruits and crushed nuts afterwards), but some of you just like it easier and less time consuming. Instead of using overly sweet cereal, just use oats or a European version of granola.
    The stroopwafels crumbled up will add the sweet touch!
  • Stroopwafel (vegan) milkshake

    This is our newest addiction. As we don’t drink/eat dairy ourselves (besides Gouda cheese - I mean, we're Dutch!) we make our milkshakes with dairy free ice cream. You can use regular ice cream as well of course, but hey, why not try dairy free ice cream!
    Here in Austin we’re super lucky with Nadamoo and Sweet Rituals right in our backyard. I usually opt for Nadamoo banana caramel ice cream, but you can use any type of your own favorite ice cream. Usually banana, vanilla, peach, cookie dough, caramel type of flavors work best!
  • Stroopwafel cake

    • You can use fresh stroopwafels to make delicious cakes/shortbreads yourself?

    • That a Stroopwafel cake is not that hard to make and that everybody loves it?
    • That you can really impress your friends and family with Thanksgiving or Christmas to bring this as your original lovely dessert?

    Try our famous stroopwafel cake recipe! This is a simple step-by-step stroopwafel cake recipe.

  • Dressed breakfast stroopwafels

    Like the yoghurt/granola idea, but just feel doing any dishes? We’re all for edible plates and edible silverware, why not use stroopwafels as an edible plate? It’s better for the planet, doesn’t use soap or water and doesn’t create trash. (Our 2-packs are already wrapped in omni-degradable materials, it’s even landfill friendly).