Our story


Moving from one continent to another is a huge undertaking. 

When we moved from The Netherlands to Austin by the end of 2015, we brought our very own tool to bridge our cultural differences: Stroopwafels

Meet Chantal & Tako

Chantal is the risk taker, the dreamer, the jump-in-head-first type of gal, lucky enough to have Tako by her side, the risk-averse, detail oriented, wait-a-minute-and-think-about-it-first type of guy. 

As good of a combo as wafels and stroop!

Sharing our stroopwafels with you

By sharing something so delicious, so sweet and so typically Dutch with all of you here in the US, we made a ton of friends very easy and fast. 

So yes, stroopwafels CAN buy you happiness. And we want you to do the same! We mean, for real, buy your happiness. In our online store. Right here.