**NEW ** NEW ** Mini Traditional Caramel Organic and Plant Based Stroopwafels (150gr) **NEW ** NEW


Vegan mini stroopwafels in a pouch, try now with $1 off!

Stroop Club's best selling organic & plant based caramel stroopwafels in perfect little bite size. Equally delicious, fresh and gooey and easier to ration yourself on.
Or perhaps even harder?  Now with less sugar and less calories! (compared to a full size stroopwafel of course, lol)

These mini bite size stroopwafels are perfect for sharing and are the ideal little sweetness to accompany your coffee, just like the Dutch do.

They look beautiful on cakes, cocktails and  dessert boards. We dare you to stick to only one every time you open this bag!

Comes in a pouch of 150gr/5.3oz.

  • Clean and sustainably sourced ingredients

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  • We're convinced you'll love them, send us a message otherwise! (Or in any case we love hearing from you!)

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