Stroop S’Mores

Photo of stroopwafel s'mores

Stroopwafel S'Mores ftw!

THIS IS THE BOMB, what a discovery.

And the awesome part? You don’t really have to be a chef, pastry chef, baker or literally have to bake ANYTHING to create these bites of heaven. A winner for every party or just to indulge yourself. Some things you don’t have to share.

You might know Stroop Club is a woman owned and woman operated business and that we’re all into woman empowerment. So besides the Dandies from Chicago, not woman owned, but by far world's fav vegan marshmallows, again we're happy to be based in Austin. We happen to have Funky Mellow in town!!! It's not a sturdy mellow, but the cream is absolutely heavenly, just spread it on your fave stroopwafel and burn it a little for the same effect! <3

Ingredients (makes 4)

  • 4 pieces of Dandies (whichever flavor you like most)
  • 4 stroopwafels (try the chocolate one for extra chocolaty deliciousness)
  • 1 cup of dark chocolate chips


Melt the chocolate chips either in the microwave or au-bain marie on the stove. The easiest way to temper your chocolate is to melt and heat ⅔ of the chocolate first and then add the last ⅓ to your bowl. When it’s all melted and beautifully dark and smooth let it cool slightly again.

Put a piece of marshmallow on a stroopwafel, dip the entire creation into the chocolate, covering the whole mount with chocolate. Let drip/cool on a rack.

These are the most delicious soft, creamy, chocolaty S’Mores you’ll ever taste.

You can make it a tiny bit more complicated by getting a bigger slab of marshmallow, cutting out circles with a round cookie cutter and placing them in between 2 stroopwafels. Dip the sides in chocolate and voila. I like to cut these in triangles, somehow it makes them less sweet. (yeah right).

Get your supplies from us!