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We hope all of you are safe and healthy! We also want to keep all of the warehouse crew safe and to give USPS and FedEx some space. Our stroops will bring you the smiles and sweetness you need these days and they will always arrive within 7 days of your order. Make sure to order in time for special occasions!

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In case you haven't had the pleasure yet, 

let us introduce to you our Stroopwafel:

Outside: Crunchy, Chewy & Cinamon-ny 

Inside: Delicious Gooey Dutch Stroop Caramel 

Recipe: Family Secret , duh

Created by Chantal, your Stroopwafel-Queen

What else could I bring but our stroopwafel iron when we immigrated to the US end of 2015? Sharing something so sweet and so traditionally Dutch, bridged our cultures immediately.

Enjoy your stroopwafels like a true Dutchie!

Make your favorite hot drink

Warm the stroopwafel on top of your mug

Relax, indulge & enjoy this gooey goodness

Or dunk them, take them on the go, eat them for breakfast or dessert, just, enjoy them anytime, anywhere!

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