Coffee's best friend!

Meet Stroopie! Did you know stroopwafels are coffee's best friends? Heat them up on top of your coffee and you'll understand the perfect match here!

Stroop up your wedding!

Tired of overly sweet wedding cakes? We entertain and feed your guests with our delicious freshly baked, warm stroopwafel dessert bar!

Our new partners in crime!

Get your fresh stroopwafels fast and FREE OF SHIPPING costs in the North East! Order though CLW distributors for NYC delivery!

Best sports and outdoors snack ever!

Grab some light-weight, not-too-sweet, no space-needing snack pack with you while hiking, biking or climbing. Even saying so ourselves, it just doesn't get any better than this!

NYC, Stroop, There It Is!

Have fresh authentic eco-friendly and natural delivered to your shop in NYC!

Stroopwafels in Texas!

Get your stroopwafels delivered to your shop from Waco to San Antonio with Waterfall Gourmet Beverages!

Follow the Stroop Club around!

Delicious with your hot drink or 'on the go'

Warm up your stroopwafel on top of a hot coffee or tea. Have it for breakfast or lunch. Or get creative for dessert. Or bring them along at a hike, bike ride or road trip. Heck, just eat them whenever you want!

Founded in the 1800s, but so original on this continent

So traditionally Dutch! It’s basically the National Cookie of The Netherlands. Let’s make it mainstream in the US too, you deserve it!

Green, vegan and 100% organic certified gluten free options!

No animal products? No gluten? Less trash? We got you covered. You’ll find no palm oil in our vegan products. Our gluten free stroopwafels have less than 5ppm and our packaging is biodegradable.

Based in Austin y'all!

Lucky Austinites, cos we’re carried here by over 40 local businesses! Many even enjoying their own signature flavored stroopwafels. We also cater corporate, birthday and wedding parties and we happily serve you at Farmer’s Markets. We’re just sooo local.

Less sugar than your granola

Tired of corn sugar and sugar lobby? Our stroopwafels contain less sugar than your breakfast granola. (Yes, this is true) With only 130 calories, it’s worth to be your treat of the day.

No scary ingredients

No corn syrup, no trans fats, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring. In short: No scary stuff what so ever.

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