Traditional Caramel Plant Based and Organic Stroopwafels (box of 12x 2-pack - 24 total)


The true Dutch OG, but international award winning!

This ode to our home country brings you to the Amsterdam canals without the jetlag, carbon footprint or animal suffering. Close your eyes and travel through time and space with our OG stroopwafel! 

  • The price is for a box of 12 snack packs. Each snack pack contains 2 stroopwafels, so you'll get 24 of these delicious wafels.

  • USDA Organic, clean and sustainably sourced ingredients

  • Packaged using post-consumer recycled materials

  • Free shipping on orders over $34

  • We're convinced you'll love them, send us a message otherwise! (Or in any case we love hearing from you!)

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