'"When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, one will realize that money can't be eaten"

Scuba Diving in a sea of plastic


Both Tako and me are scuba Divers, Dive Masters in fact. Personally I've been diving for over 15 years and I've sadly experienced the increase in the amount of plastics AND the decrease of the amount of fish in our oceans. We simply have to our part to stop this.  We all know our planet is our only resource, there is no PLANet B. 

How could we explain ourselves building a successful, profitable business, but ruining our environment in the meantime? We all share this responsibility.

A better world starts with... Manufacturers!

Even as small as we are, we manage to use sustainable packaging materials. Because you, our consumers, can only change so much as what is available to you. When you try to avoid the use of single-use plastics in your daily life, you will find yourself constrained by what corporations &manufacturers are offering. 

Yes, we're looking at Nestle, Unilever, Mars and all other big corporations, we're calling on them to improve their business practices. If they would care a little more for our planet, they could spend more money on R&D for sustainable materials. THEY can make things like bio degradable packaging and post-consumer recycled materials mainstream and therefore available and affordable for everyone, to give YOU, as the consumer, better and easier choices!

How we made our business more sustainable (doable for EVERY other business too!)

  • We use omni-degradable packaging for our 2-packs
  • We package 2 stroopwafels per package (instead of singles), so you can share one and prevent an extra piece of waste
    (Yes, it's biodegradable, but it still has to be manufactured!)
  • We use 100% post-consumer recycled cartons, no trees harmed in the process
  • We use certified sustainably sourced palm oil
  • We use Fair Trade cacao powder
  • We only use non-GMO ingredients
  • We bake on this side of the ocean, to reduce shipping and carbon footprint
  • We adopted a meatless and fish less, plastic free, almost vegan household personally

Animal/planet friendly in EVERY way

All of our stroopwafels are dairy free, we don't feel it's necessary to make use of the massive dairy industry. (Why are animals called 'an industry' anyway?) However, lots of other dairy free products will contain destructive palm oil instead. It's leaving the cows on American soil at peace, but in the meanwhile destroying Orangutan's territory in South East Asia. Therefore we use palm oil highly ethically sourced from small, independent farms in Colombia. No potentially biased corporates in the board for the certification, but as high up as the unbiased Dutch Government.

What is Omni-Degradable?

We work with our supplier in Canada: https://www.tekpaksolutions.com/. 

They have invented the first biodegradable plastic for food products!

It degrades slower than backyard compostable, but more flexible in the environment it degrades in. I.e. in the ocean/land/composter/landfill it takes about 11-20 Months, but it disappears fully without micro plastics. It's therefore easier to use for you as well, we call it 'landfill friendly': 

you could simply throw it in the trash without having to think about it!

Why not compostable plastic?

Industrial compostable plastics still require factories driven on electricity and high water usage to process the plastics after usage. Besides that, most cities in the US don't even have these plants nor collection services. There's no benefit yet in using this, besides the marketing message.

Future Sustainability Roadmap

Our path is certainly not easy and every step takes way more time and money for us to complete. We research into materials, in carbon footprint, in logistics, offsetting, all this is already a full time job! Retailers and investors warn us our packaging is too expensive, but we need people to see the value of contributing to a better planet.

We choose to go slow and only work with people and companies who share our values. We're researching food grade certified backyard compostable food packaging to use as a next step, but we only found it in Japan. If we'd want to offset the transportation, we would need to purchase a huge amount and we really need the help of other small businesses to be in this together. We want to be able to offer you this before the end of 2021, one way or another.

All of our products will be fully vegan by the end of 2021. We simply want to show it's not necessary to use animal products, our stroopwafels are as delicious without! 

This isn't about money. This is about protecting our planet, protecting our environment. It's about safeguarding the home for our future generations. About educating that we can all do our part with very little changes, about being an example to other starting businesses. It's about making people aware, making them see and believe we can do better, that we can all make better choices and that as consumers we have the power to demand change.

That's what we ask from you, your help in choosing the right products, not only clean for you and tasty, but also least damaging to the environment. Demand the change, you're in charge!

Tips, tricks, ideas, questions?

If you have any suggestions for us on how to make our business more sustainable, know of any great sustainable packaging options, or just want to share your thoughts, please let us know at eat@stroopclub.com, or use the form below!