AWARD WINNING COFFEE Vegan caramel stroopwafels box of 12x 2-pack (24 total)


Infused with Greater Goods Coffee, filled with animal friendly caramel goodness, package design by our Austin local artist Gerardo Rodriguez and packed in a 100% post-consumer recycled carton box with  12x 2-packs. Good for the planet, caffeinated, delicious and simply one of Earth's greatest pleasures.

Our vegan stroopwafels also won the award for best vegan snack in the World Plant Based Taste Awards in London this year!!!!

  • The price is for a box of 12 snack packs. Each snack pack contains 2 stroopwafels, so you'll get 24 of these delicious wafels.

  • Clean and sustainably sourced ingredients

  • Omni-degradable wrappers and recycled materials

  • Free shipping on orders over $34

  • We're convinced you'll love them, send us a message otherwise! (Or in any case we love hearing from you!)

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